PS One Closed Pod System Vaping Device Only - SNOW (UAE)

PS One Closed Pod System Vaping Device Only - SNOW (UAE)

The PS One is an all-new next generation device. Built using a magnetic closed pod system, the PS One has an ergonomic design for comfort and style, an aluminium alloy body for durability, and is powered by MicroFeel™ heating technology for a smooth vaping experience.

Device only - This product doesn't not come with the pods.

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The PS One is a first-generation device from Podsalt.

Our British designers have redefined the modern vaping device by creating a synergetic Pod system. The device works in perfect harmony with our exclusive range of e-liquids, allowing for convenient and functional pod replacement on the move.

The PS One’s elegant shape is designed to fit smoothly into your hand. Our in-built MicroFeelTM heating technology delivers a dynamic vaping experience but produces little vapour, bringing an element of discretion to your vape.

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